Why Replacing Skylights during Roof Replacement Is Smart

If you have skylights installed and intend on changing your roof, but your contractor insists there’s no need to also change the skylights, it’s best you get a second opinion. Better yet, just hire another contractor.


Below are 5 reasons why it’s important to replace your skylights when replacing your roof.

  1. Save Money

When some people call for Roofing Skylights Installation, Repairs or Replacement in Ottawa they try to minimise costs by reinstalling their old skylights. This has proven time and again to be an ill-advised move because the old skylight will no longer be effective and won’t be tailored to match the new roof.

In reality, replacing your skylights at the same time you’re having your roof replaced is a far more financially sound move. If you call a roofer back to remove an old skylight and install a new one after the installation of a roof has been completed, you will likely be charged double for something that could have been done for far less during the initial installation.

  1. Seal Failure

If you replace your entire roof without also replacing the skylights with new ones, you are likely to, within 6 months, witness skylight seal failure which is characterized by fogged and inefficient glass. You need to think about long-term benefits, not short-term savings on cost. If you’re taking out old and faulty skylights from a new roof, expenses will include replacing all the shingles around the skylight, not to mention the hassle of having the noise and mess of people working on your roof again.

Save time and hassle by having the skylight replaced during the initial roof work.

  1. Postponing the inevitable

Whether you like it or not, the old skylights will eventually need to be replaced, so why not get it done in the most cost effective way possible–during the roof replacement. Low cost plexiglass bubble skylights easily crack and top quality skylights eventually warp over time. Compared to replacing the skylight, if you opt to re-flash a skylight, you will in less time experience leaks, moisture buildup, and worse, expensive energy loss. When this happens, you’ll eventually have no choice but to replace the skylight, but at a higher cost than if you had it done during the roof replacement. So instead of postponing the inevitable, replace skylights during a roof replacement when it’s more cost effective and altogether easier.

If you can’t afford to replace a skylight when you are changing roofs, you might be better off waiting till you can afford to have both done at the same time. Simply put, having your skylights replaced when changing roofs means you won’t be paying for a new roof twice!