Trendy Bathroom Designs You Should Try

With 2018 in full swing already, there are abundant fabulous ideas for home décor. The bathroom is not left out too. Below, we review 5 stylish bathroom design and décor trends you may want to take a look at – and try.

Organic Bathroom

After a hectic day, having a refreshing bath in bathrooms that literally de-stressify you what you need. Having an eco-friendly bathroom fulfils that need and transforms your bathroom from being sterile, cold and utilitarian to warm and eye-catching with amazing patterns. Treated bamboo and bleached wood bathroom sinks and flooring, fixtures, rough stone vanities, polished stone basins will accessorise your bathroom and character to any bathroom.

 Colored Ceramics

The trends have shifted from the traditional white ceramics pattern to more gorgeous coloured ones. Beautifully treated bamboos are being mixed with vivid green and lemon-coloured ceramic surfaces to create dreamlike bathrooms. The designs can be done in different ways using tiles of varying geometrically pleasing shapes such as playful hexagons in interesting violet and celery tones.


The Greens

One of the hottest home décor trends of 2018 is plush green tones. You will do no wrong applying the same design in your bathroom. Setting up your bathroom with green theme will require that you choose your planters, pots, and vases in a way that everything fits. For example, your bamboo storage rack for towels will go best right next to a miniature tree in a bohemian eco-chic planter. Also, a small 70s-inspired container of cacti and other succulents as décor goes well with your Art Nouveau vanity.

Get Beautiful Natural Light from the Sky

Skylight in the Bathroom is such a wonderful and classy way to add that glamorous look to your bathroom. Aside from letting in sunshine, the give the room a more spacious and expansive luxurious feel. Of course, your sunlight does not have to be just plain; you can, and should go stylish especially as skylights come in different styles and sizes. Having a Skylight above you can be all dreamy and breath-taking especially in a clear night where you can see the moon and stars above you. That’s dreamy stuff.


The Classy Industrial Look

The beautiful and imposing industrial look is one of the amazing bathroom trends of 2018. Featuring clear glass, gleaming steel fixtures, polished cement surfaces, brass taps and LED lighting, you are sure to glam up your bathroom.

While some of these bathroom improvements such as the Greens can be done yourself with the right knowledge, others such as the Skylight are better off done by professionals. For example, if you stay in Ottawa, you do well to see a review of top home improvement companies that provide Ottawa skylight installations.