Top 4 Ideas to Transform the Exterior of Your Home in Ottawa

Ottawa is a beautiful place. A home to many of us with beautiful memories that has made life worth living. However, with the weather which can be pretty harsh on housing materials, the exterior of our houses can suffer damages we need to either repair or change. Sometimes it might just be about updating our houses to add to its beauty or to give it a new or more modern look. Certain updates can protect your house from the elements and even insulate it.

Here are top ideas on how to transform the exterior of your home in Ottawa:

  1. Clad the Walls

Is your home exterior having that old worn out look with mismatching bricks, or cracking walls? You can cover it and refinish the walls using a different material which can give your home a new look. Cladding not only gives your house a new look, it can protect your house as well. You don’t need to spend much to get this done if you are on a budget.You can check out cladding materials such as PVCu cladding which requires low maintenance and is among the most inexpensive options. You can decide to use a hardwood cladding which does not need decorating as it naturally silvers, although this costs more than softwood. However, the full treatment and installation of softwood might bring the cost close to that of hardwood. There’s also metal cladding, stone tiles, brick slips and concrete renders which you can consider depending on how much you are willing to spend.

It is important to take note of the weight of the cladding material you decide to use. Some materials are heavier than others and you need to know the material your house can support.

  1. Update the Roof

The roof is a very prominent feature on some house styles, especially bungalows. This means if you change the shape or the exterior covering, it will definitely change the appearance that your house presents with.

Replacing sun faded concrete roof tiles is an Ottawa home exterior renovation that can give your house a new clean look.

Changing the roof covering is another option you could consider.

  1. Replace the Windows

Where the cladding can be called the skin of your house, the windows can be called the eyes of your house. Changing them can give your house a whole new personality. Among the things you can change is the shape, size of the window openings and the frames.

  1. Update Your Front Door

Getting an entirely new door or painting your old door is a way to give your house a facelift. If you decide to go for a new door, it is important to consider the style and think of safety. Don’t place too much importance on budget. Security, and how the door blends in with the overall design of your house is important.


Exterior home renovations are important factors to consider in the Ottawa area. It is necessary to check your budget and make plans accordingly. Safety should be considered when making choices.