Metal Flashing

Metal flashing is an essential part of any residential roof. Every roof has metal flashings installed around the details, and especially areas that combine different places of the home, such as around chimneys, walls, furnace vents, and skylights. These can come in a number of different sizes, thicknesses, and colors. No matter what kind of roofing you have however, you can be sure that they are there. These flashes are small pieces of metal, their job is to keep water from penetrating into the next layer of your roof.

At the bottom (relative to the part of your roof closest to the ground) of a roofing feature, such as a skylight, would be a wall flashing. Weaving and overlapping between the shingles, moving up the feature, is step flashing, and at the top you would find backpan flashing. This is the most important metal flashing, since it stops water that would be running down your roof from moving into other areas of your home.
So, why should you be concerned about these flashings?

To understand why you should care about these flashings, you have to realize that these metal flashings are typically installed around skylights, chimneys, and other features when your home is built. For the most part, there would not be much reason for you to think much about them at all. Over time though, certain flashings can wear out – especially those important back pan flashings. Once they do, they can begin to leak water into other parts of your home and deteriorate your roof.

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