Terrace Home Exteriors offers world-class masonry construction backed with the expertise to assist all our customers in their design-solutions. We ensure complete satisfaction with the appearance, cost, and timeline of your desired project.

Masonry offers a wide variety of different options and projects to add that unique aspect to your home or buildings. Masonry is commonly used for the walls of buildings, retaining walls and other creative designs. Brick masonry has been the most common type of masonry; however, concrete block masonry is rapidly gaining in popularity as a comparable material. Blocks – most of which have hollow cores – offer various possibilities in masonry construction, providing great compressible strength. Filling some or all of the cores with concrete or concrete with steel reinforcement (typically “rebar”) offers much greater tensile and lateral strength to structures.

Masonry Services Provided:

  • Stucco Work
  • Brick
  • All masonry block work
  • Stone
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Pressure Washing services
  • Restoration

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