Obvious Signs You Need a New Roof

Obvious Signs You Need a New Roof

Most homeowners fail to realize they have a problem with their roof until they discover a leak in their ceiling. In some cases, this leak can be cause by a minor roof problem that can easily be repaired. But how do you know when you need a new roof or if what you are facing is a minor problem?

Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Age of the roof: How old is your roof? Experts at Terracex, Trusted Roofing Company in Ottawa suggest that a typical shingle roof will last between 20 to 30 years, subject to your location and the weather conditions prevalent in that area. However, once your roof has passed the 30 year mark, you should begin to make plans to replace it. It is best to replace your roof before you begin to experience extreme wear and tear so that you can prevent water leaks from damaging items in your home.

Mildew and moss: Large amounts of mildew and moss on your ceilings and walls are one sign of a leaky roof. It could also occur as a result of improper condensation or even a simple plumbing issue. First check that your home is properly insulated well ventilated and that there is no problem with the plumbing in your home. Once you have confirmed that these areas of okay, then chances are you have a problem with your roof and it is time to replace it.

Water leaks: This is definitely the most obvious sign that your roof is a bad shape. As long as you have water leaking from the ceiling, your best solution is to completely replace your roof. Of course, you can also repair the leaking part, but chances are that other parts of the roof are also weak and these areas could end up developing leaks also. Also keep in mind that water can actually travel from the original point of leak, inside walls and across beams to where it will eventually show up.

Shingle problems: Missing, curled or warped shingles are also signs that your roof needs come care. If you have missing or curled shingles on your roof, it leaves the wood underneath exposed to the elements and this can undermine the structural integrity of your home. Once in a while, get a good ladder and climb up to check the state of the shingles of your roof. Curled and warped shingles are signs that they are past their lifespan and needs to be replaced.

Spy on the neighbors: In modern neighborhoods, most of the houses are usually built around the same time. If you are unsure about the age of your roof and don’t know if it needs to be changed, take a look at what is happening around you. If your neighbors are changing their roofs, chances are you need to change yours also.