Easy ways to make the roof of your home more energy efficient

Energy efficiency is the new craze for most homeowners and it should be considering all the benefits that can be gained from a more energy efficient home. Said benefits include increasing the homes market value, reducing the cost of energy bills, as well as contributing directly to improving our environment by cutting back on emissions.

Most people go to great lengths and costs to make their home more energy efficient, but in actuality, a few changes to some principal portions of your home is enough to improve its efficiency. One of such portions you can easily modify to improve energy efficiency is your roof.

Below are some easy tips to upgrade the energy efficiency of your building via the roof.

  1. Choose a lighter roof colour

Some of the best roofing contractors in Ottawa will tell you that the colour of your roof can go a long way in improving the energy efficiency of your building. Darker roof colours absorb more heat and generally direct it into the building. Lighter coloured roofs on the other hand reflect rather than absorb light and heat. This means a lighter coloured roof will transfer less external heat into your home.

  1. Improve roof insulation.

The insulation beneath your roof is key to keeping more heat inside and more cold outside, or vice versa. Most homeowners fail to properly insulate their attic and this leads to a reduced ability to effectively maintain the desired temperature within the house.

  1. Switch from asphalt shingles.

A better alternative to asphalt shingles are roofing materials like clay tiles or sheet metal which not only add a unique look to your home but also improve energy efficiency. Clay tiles and sheet metal are especially effective at reflecting heat instead of absorbing it which in turn reduces how much you have to spend on air-conditioning.

  1. Use a cool roof coating.

Some of the best roofing contractors in Ottawa recommend cool roof coating to lighten the roof colour and help reflect heat. Cool roof coating is a finishing layer that’s easy to apply and can improve a home’s energy efficiency at less cost than having to replace the entire roof.

  1. Improve ventilation.

A well installed ventilation system can help rid your attic of hot air and improve air circulation throughout your property. The operation of such a system that uses a fan can be both more effective in terms of cost and functionality.

Whether you are looking to build a new home or simply would like to improve the energy efficiency of your current home, the above tips can serve you greatly by delivering a more efficient, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly abode.