7 Energy Conservation Tips for Your Home

Greenhouse gas emissions, high cost of energy and pollution are some of the reasons why more buildings are now designed to conserve energy. Recently, the city of Ottawa passed a law on Green Energy encouraging citizens to reduce their carbon footprint and be more energy-efficient. A sides the money it would help them save on taxes, it is benefits the environment and the world at large. Below are some easy ways to save more money on energy costs in a building:

  • Proper Insulation: If the building you are designing is not well insulated, not only will you be losing heat in the winter; you would also be letting in heat in the summer. There are so many insulating techniques you can incorporate into the design; some of them require expertise while you can do some by yourself.
  • Upgrade Your Windows: Windows with double and triple panel vinyl frames have replaced the traditional single panel aluminum frames because of how energy efficient they are. It is very easy to lose heat in the winter through windows and this could have a harrowing effect on your electricity bill. Try upgrading your windows and see how it will help you save money.
  • Switch to Fluorescent Bulbs: The older incandescent bulbs expend most of the energy they consume in generating heat. If you have more of these bulbs in your home it would only increase your energy cost. Although fluorescent lights are more expensive, they would save you a lot of money in the long run. They are also more durable compared to the incandescent types.
  • Buy Energy-Efficient Home Appliances: Home appliances are now being created to conserve energy through special technological advancements. When buying appliances for your home is on the lookout for those that bear the HE logo; this shows that they are energy-efficient. Although they might be costlier, they would save you more money on the long run.
  • Carry out Energy-Efficiency Audit: It has now become easy to audit buildings through specialized Smartphone apps or by contacting energy auditors who use specialized infrared imaging and other advanced tools to evaluate the energy outlets in a building. They carry out these evaluations based on factors like how many people are in the building and what appliances they possess. The infrared imaging would help detect if there is any means through which the building is losing energy, thus allowing you to find a solution.
  • Consider Alternate Energy Sources: More people, especially those living in areas with warm climate are gravitating towards the sun as a source of energy. They incorporate solar panels into the design of their houses, allowing them to harness the energy from the sun. Although these solar panels are expensive, they are worth every penny you spend on them because you can generate your energy directly from an renewable energy source.

You may also consider opening window blinds and using skylights to naturally light up your building during the                  day. Some people even use tinted windows to mellow the light from outside, creating a cozy atmosphere.                          Skylights could be in the form of tube lights which transports light towards a part of the building or in the form of                roof windows. Not only do they help conserve energy but can also improve the aesthetic value of your building.                There are many skylight installation services in Ottawa which could be contracted to do the job.

  • Landscaping: This is a natural way of protecting your home through planting trees. The leaves and tree trunks protect your home from harsh winter winds and summer heat, blocking out the sun and allowing your building to stay cool.

If the tips listed above are harnessed and properly implemented, not only will you conserve energy, you would have created a dream home.