4 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season for a New Roof

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If you have been putting off that roof repair or replacement, consider doing it this fall. Fall is generally considered to be the best time for a roof replacement. After the storms of the summer and before the winter freezing begins, fall provides the best opportunity to get your home ready for the snow, ice and cold temperature.

You may want to book a roof contractor in advance though as a lot of homeowners are now waking up to the fact that September through to November is the ideal season for roof replacement.

Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why.

The past seasons have taken a toll on your roof –

That your roof did not leak last year does not mean it is strong enough to face this year’s winter. If you have an old roof, take it for granted that the past few months have had a toll on it. The heavy rains of spring have likely washed away the last bit of protection provided by your shingles. Add to it the likely damaged caused by this summer’s sun, chances are you are looking at a potential roof disaster waiting to happen in winter.

Fall has the perfect weather –

Jason, roofing expert at Terrace, one of the Best Roofing Contractors in Ottawa, ON, suggests that a roofing project is best done when the weather is clear and the temperature between 45 to 50 degrees, especially if you are working with asphalt shingle – which is one of the most popular roofing materials in US and Canada. This weather condition is best so that the asphalt shingles can adhere properly to the roof – a process known as thermal sealing. When shingles are installed under the right conditions, they form an airtight barrier that prevents leaking when it rains or snows.

Ignored damage will only get worse –

Sometimes, homeowners are tempted to carry over the repair to the next year for a variety of reasons. This is understandable, but when damages on the roof are left unattended into the winter season, these damages (leaks and holes) will only get worse. Your roof is built to withstand a particular weight at the best of times; the weight of a heavy snowfall and ice dams on an already weak roof is simply courting disaster.

Save on winter heating –

It goes without saying that a new roof is more energy efficient. When you replace your roof in the fall, you making an investment that will help you save on energy bills during the winter. If you have an HVAC system in the attic, a new roof will help it operate at peak performance.